staceysanjayStacey Monk and Sanjay Patel are the co-creators of Epic Change. Sanjay and Stacey have worked together since 2000 as coworkers, friends, and cofounders in the government, forĀ­profit and nonprofit sectors. After working at Deloitte, the pair worked together in technology, strategy and consulting roles at Genentech and the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency before starting a successful change management consulting firm together in San Francisco. In 2007, the pair launched Epic Change after a life-changing trip from Cape Town to Cairo during which they first volunteered at Mama Lucy's school. Stacey is our Chief Values Officer. If we are dancing, her role is to hold our center. She creates and communicates our vision and values, and ensures they are woven deeply into the choreography of every dance we do at Epic Change. She also cultivates connections and community. Stacey is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School of Public Policy & Management and The Catholic University of America. Sanjay is our Chief Realization Officer. His role is to bring the vision into the real world & to keep one foot on the ground. He manages web development, creates budgets and financial reports & generally makes the impossible real. Sanjay is a graduate of UCLA.

Advisory Board

This volunteer network of extraordinary souls provides advice, talent, support and investment to make Epic Change possible. Much like the Justice League without the leotards, each member of our Advisory Board contributes their unique superpowers to make Epic Change possible.
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EpicChangeX is a super-secret swarm of social media activists that unleashes love across the web and the world during Epic Change events and campaigns. You can conspire with us by requesting your personal invitation to join EpicChangeX on Facebook.

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