WonderStudy is a kids' creativity curriculum that aims to inspire children to realize their own ability to imagine & create new possibilities for our world. Currently in development, WonderStudy was selected as an Echoing Green semi-finalist in February 2013. Our long-term goal is to build a curriculum that explores the unique ideas that arise from cross-cultural collaboration. We hope to cultivate opportunities for kids from radically diverse backgrounds to come together to build the world they imagine together. WonderStudy will be piloted in Summer 2013 at Mama Lucy Kamptoni's school in Arusha, Tanzania with coursework in science, technology, spoken word & social change. Visiting faculty for the inaugural session of WonderStudy include poet & performer Greg Corbin, teacher & master educator Kathleen Talbot, photographer Irene Nam, technologist Ann Daramola and Epic Change founders Stacey Monk & Sanjay Patel. Follow the WonderStudy journey on The Epic Change blog beginning July 1, 2013.

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