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24 Hours of Goosebumps

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Mama Lucy & Shepherds Schools, Stories, The Latest Love | 5 comments

24 Hours of Goosebumps

This morning over porridge Amani, whose name means Peace, taught me the Swahili word for goosebumps: msisimko. I needed that word to describe to him - and to you - the past 24 hours. Amani graduated from a local school before joining Shepherds for secondary. Local primary schools are taught in Swahili, while all secondary schools - including government schools - are taught in English. Imagine 13- & 14-year-olds who've never learned in English suddenly making the difficult transition to learning every subject - math, science, social studies and all - in English. This is the position in which Amani finds himself, surrounded by children whose English is now nearly...

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Posted by on Jun 22, 2008 in Stories, The Latest Love | 2 comments

BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION, Meet Pius, a kindergartner at the school in Tanzania, and his courageous mother, Anna: I wish I had the vocabulary to describe how I felt as Pius played while Mama Anna stood singing in her living room, her voice raised to beckon love, acceptance and a cure. Words escape me, real brand ACCUTANE online, Where can i buy ACCUTANE online, so instead I'll leave you with her song, in its entirety: listen here, ACCUTANE alternatives. ACCUTANE results. After ACCUTANE. Buy ACCUTANE without a prescription. ACCUTANE without prescription. What is ACCUTANE. ACCUTANE over the counter. Low dose ACCUTANE. ACCUTANE from canada. ACCUTANE maximum dosage....

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Posted by on Apr 26, 2008 in Stories, The Latest Love | 5 comments

ZITHROMAX OVER THE COUNTER, Close your eyes and picture an African child. What do you see. Likely a child hungry, buy cheap ZITHROMAX, impoverished, ZITHROMAX wiki, orphaned, weak, dirty, ZITHROMAX mg, sad, ZITHROMAX no rx, diseased, in need. Before I went to Africa the first time, ZITHROMAX for sale, I had an image in my mind of the people, Buy ZITHROMAX online no prescription, and especially the children, I would meet. I'd seen them on the news and late-night infomercials for my entire life, doses ZITHROMAX work. Growing up in Catholic school, I remember their images from the milk cartons in which we collected change for them during Lenten appeals, ZITHROMAX OVER THE...

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Posted by on Dec 2, 2007 in Stories, The Latest Love | 2 comments

(The story below was originally published during our most recent trip to Tanzania in December 2007.) BUY PETCAM NO PRESCRIPTION, On Monday, Glory was absent from school. We’d taken her on safari on Sunday, and she seemed fine, PETCAM brand name, so her absence was curious. Generic PETCAM, Her teacher Nancy chalked it up to the fact that we’d fed her too much on our trip. But Tuesday came, and still Glory was missing, PETCAM wiki. Teacher Nancy told Leah to stop by Glory’s house on her way home to see what was wrong.Glory Abraham is a 9-year-old orphan who’s been raised for years by her sister, PETCAM over the counter, aunt and grandmother, switching houses...

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