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Annual Impact

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[tabs slidertype="left tabs"] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]2013[/tabtext] [tabtext]2012[/tabtext] [tabtext]2011[/tabtext] [tabtext]2010[/tabtext] [tabtext]2009[/tabtext] [tabtext]2008[/tabtext] [tabtext]2007[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab] Mama Lucy & Shepherds Schools Secondary School: Science lab & stable opened; 10 Amazon Kindles added to Kindle Library. Primary School: 2 new classrooms opened; 20 computers added to technology lab.   WonderStudy Wonderstudy launched, and was named an Echoing Green semi-finalist.   as of 4.15.13                 [/tab] [tab] Mama Lucy & Shepherds Schools Secondary School: New...

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MEDROL FOR SALE, I'll admit it. I didn't even know what the word "meme" meant. I'd seen it tossed around many times on Twitter and taken some contextual clues, but hadn't decided to thoroughly investigate until I got an email last week from Peter Deitz, order MEDROL from United States pharmacy, the founder of Social Actions. While we haven't met in person, MEDROL online cod, we've interacted a few times online and by phone and he's exactly the type of person that makes real social change possible: passionate, knowledgeable and a natural connector of both people and ideas. In short, he rocks, MEDROL mg. Yes, exactly like you ;) So when I got Peter's email asking me to...

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FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER, For the astute observers among you, yes, it is 4:30AM, and yes, we are posting to the blog. My dog thinks it's time to go to bed. It's a good thing we're awake, FLAGYL no prescription, though, FLAGYL interactions, because Parade Magazine just published the winners of America's Giving Challenge. Guess what. That's right, australia, uk, us, usa. , FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER. . Where can i buy cheapest FLAGYL online, we won $1,000!!. Now granted, FLAGYL over the counter, it's not the $50, Buy FLAGYL without a prescription, 000, but we're in the top 5% of nearly 500 nonprofits who competed in the competition for US-based charities. For an organization...

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ACCUTANE FOR SALE, Many of you have suggested that we write to Ellen DeGeneres to ask for her help with Epic Change, and I think it's a swell idea. Rx free ACCUTANE, So we made this special, limited edition video blog entry just for Ellen, ACCUTANE australia, uk, us, usa. ACCUTANE online cod, I promise this will be the only video you'll see today (and, if we're lucky, order ACCUTANE online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy ACCUTANE no prescription, ever) that features me singing Barbra Streisand and Sanjay in pigtails, and includes the words "pie, order ACCUTANE from United States pharmacy, ACCUTANE street price, " "Tanzania" and "rad" - don't miss this awesome...

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BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s 3AM, and it’s a shame my physical body has limitations, because right now every fiber of my being wants to keep working for the next 3 weeks straight. CIPRO over the counter, Unfortunately, my business partner Sanjay says such long hours make me cranky and ineffective, buy CIPRO online cod. Order CIPRO no prescription, And, while I don’t mind being grumpy, what is CIPRO, No prescription CIPRO online, I’ve got to be effective. In any case, I refuse to lose America’s Giving Challenge over a little thing like sleep, CIPRO from canada. Order CIPRO from United States pharmacy, For those of you who don’t know, or who’ve arrived here because of...

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