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NEXIUM FOR SALE, I have writer's block.

There, my NEXIUM experience, Where can i find NEXIUM online, I've said it. Recently, canada, mexico, india, Kjøpe NEXIUM på nett, köpa NEXIUM online, I've even found myself referring to dictionaries of quotations for inspiration like some seventh grader with an essay assignment. It's funny, buy cheap NEXIUM no rx, NEXIUM australia, uk, us, usa, because it's not at all as if I have nothing to write. The truth is, about NEXIUM, Order NEXIUM no prescription, there's simply so much going on that my brain, even on all cylinders, NEXIUM trusted pharmacy reviews, NEXIUM from mexico, is unable to process it all.

Funny, today I looked back at some of what I'd written in anticipation of my original trip to Africa, long before I'd ever met Mama Lucy and before Epic Change was born, NEXIUM FOR SALE. And I noticed something profoundly different from then to now, NEXIUM interactions. Cheap NEXIUM no rx, That first trip I had no agenda, no project plan, NEXIUM overnight, NEXIUM from canadian pharmacy, no objectives, just a blank slate on which to scriven the experience, NEXIUM samples. Real brand NEXIUM online, Back then, the words were flowing; like Salt-n-Pepa or Missy Elliot spinnin' a rhyme, NEXIUM brand name, Online buy NEXIUM without a prescription, I could weave a story. Everything was seen through fresh, NEXIUM long term, NEXIUM canada, mexico, india, new, yearning eyes wide open, cheap NEXIUM. NEXIUM FOR SALE, I recorded every taste, smell and sound religiously to savor and share, not out of necessity, but out of wonder. Purchase NEXIUM online no prescription, eyes.jpgRecently, my eyes have been too focused on mundane to-do lists to look up, NEXIUM over the counter. Discount NEXIUM, I've been fixated on computer screens, project plans and html code, NEXIUM for sale. No prescription NEXIUM online, The how rather than the why.

But I believe there's about to be a moment when all this noise comes to an abrupt and total silence, online buying NEXIUM hcl, NEXIUM class, when I remember the hope, wonder and wide-open eyes and heart of my original footsteps on the continent, order NEXIUM from mexican pharmacy.

I will see the new school for the time, NEXIUM FOR SALE. After NEXIUM,

And I can't even begin to imagine how that will feel. But I know I will feel it wholly, buy cheap NEXIUM. Cheap NEXIUM, For at least that split second (and hopefully longer) my brain will have no gnawing thoughts of "gotta get it done" or "what's next?". I'll simply be basking in the glow of very tangible, no prescription NEXIUM online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, very real fruits of our labor over the past several months. NEXIUM FOR SALE, I only hope that my words return to me by then, because I must somehow capture the marrow of that moment. Save it in a bell jar, NEXIUM no rx, a relish for later when the season passes.

I remember stepping off the plane as I arrived in Kiliminjaro for my most recent visit near the end of last year. I remember the smell of warmth in the place, its drought-browness. I remember the look in Mama Lucy's eyes, her broad, "welcome home" smile that seemed to say, "I wasn't sure you were coming back...but I'm so glad you did." So many people visit, make promises, leave with the best of intentions and never return.

I, on the other hand, am going back, NEXIUM FOR SALE. After all, I have things to do, a gannt chart a mile long.

But here's the thing: I need to forget about them. Sure, there's a lot to get done. But for now the nagging voices of tasks, deliverables and deadlines need to fade. NEXIUM FOR SALE, They will get done, but so much heartfully, so much more beautifully if I can forget about them for a minute and just reconnect with our purpose:

We share the epic stories of hopeful people to help them create change in their communities.

We share stories of hope. Instead of listening to the constant nails-on-the-chalkboard sound of my inner project manager, I need to listen and connect to the inspiring voices of the children, their parents and their teachers, and the incredible potential of this community - potential you're helping to realize by investing in Epic Change.

So, as I wrote in my journal the night before I left for my first trip to Africa:

The rest of the trip is eyes (ears, heart and mind) wide open.
I wonder what we'll see . . .

Having now been before, this much I know: it will be beautiful.

I leave today for Germany, and after a few days there, arrive in Tanzania on Friday July 4th. Stay tuned to see where the journey leads...and thanks for coming with me.

(Today's inner soundtrack: Little Wonders by Rob Thomas).

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  • Lucy Kampton

    During your first trip to Tanzania, you planned to leave the rest of your trip to your eyes, ears, heart and mind open. What about this trip of 4th July 2008, when you are coming to see by yourself the work you’ve done for the past few months? Let us wait. Then I’ll get something to tell the world about what will be in you!

  • Vanessa Mason

    I know exactly what you mean about getting bogged down in the details. I am at that stage in my project. I am a big believer in establishing a Stop Worrying point to let all of the anxiety go – kind of a psuedo fresh start. You have a long flight ahead of you to stop the wheels in your head from spinning so much. Good luck and can’t wait to hear the stories when you come back!

  • Mom

    Now you’re getting down to it! The devil is in the details.. The proof is in the pudding… Go enjoy Stacey, you certainly deserve it. Gaze into the eyes of the children and remember always the feeling.

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